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What are people saying about The Homeschool Historian?

The Homeschool Historian not only inspires students to love history, but encourages them to think. To ask questions and not blindly accept something but find the answers through careful reading and thought.

Nola M.

Thank you Homeschool Historian for providing an exceptional history curriculum! I have been a homeschool mother for 20 years and have worked as an Educator for the past 15. It has not been easy to find a curriculum that checks all the boxes for high school level content that gives students the ability to process, analyze, and discuss topics without bias. Professionally, I appreciate your ability to appeal to all learning styles and abilities. Your curriculum can be used not only for homeschool families, but also within the public and private school sector.

Janice A.

I am so relieved to have this guide to help me structure the study of history for my young homeschoolers. This is worth the price for the resources alone, but considering the additional analysis and summaries, it is a must-have for homeschool families!

I appreciate the author’s dedication to “pure” history, avoiding the bias or slant that so often accompanies such curricula. I can’t wait to put this to use with my learners!

Amazon Customer

I’ve waited patiently for this book and HERE IT IS!! I’m SO EXCITED to have some confidence restored in teaching & learning History ACCURATELY. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!